METTester (NSF Funded)

Software Testing Lab, MSU, Bozeman, MT

We developed a software testing tool called METTester for testing scientific software using Metamorphic testing technique (Java, Python). This tool can generate random or coverage-based test cases for a class and then identify Metamorphic Relations (MRs) for that class. Those MRs are prioritized based on their fault detection effectiveness. Finally, a test report has been generated which contains the pass/fail results of that class using Metamorphic testing.

Link: Github

USMP (Unstable Slope Management Program) (FHWA Funded)

Network Lab and Software Testing Lab, MSU, Bozeman, MT

We developed an unstable slope management program (USMP) for various land and transportation management groups to manage their unstable rock and soil slopes (php, React Native). This tool can be used either online or offline. There is a web based tool as well as mobile application (Android and ios) version of this tool. This application is now live and currently being used by FHWA.

Link: Website, playstore, app store